Discover & Control Your Digital Footprint

Your reputation and digital footprint are the traces of data left whenever you use online services. Each online interaction contributes to your digital footprint, encompassing personal information available about you. Our digital footprint report covers personal and trade secret research to manage your online identity and reputation.

Explore internet profiling, profile reports, and social media support – essential insights for your digital presence.

Having a digital footprint is normal?
It is something that is very difficult to avoid. Given that your digital footprint can be publicly accessible, we recommend you know exactly what it looks like and how to actively manage it. Deleteme helps you find all and then delete all. Search now online by pressing here.

My digital footprint and reputation, why care?
Online sharing is permanent, and the fate of your information is not always in your hands. With evolving privacy policies and security settings across various platforms, it becomes challenging to monitor what’s public and what’s not. Personal data posted online might reach a broader audience than intended.

Consider deleteme to track and delete your digital footprint.

Don’t make it easy for just anyone to gain access to information about you
Why should I clean up my digital footprint?
You should regularly cleanse your information from company records to ensure that you’re comfortable with how your data is being used.

Unfortunately, too many companies:

Collect your data without full consent;
Share your information with third parties;
Don’t monitor what these third parties do with it;
Cleaning up your digital footprint will protect your information from being misused, lost, or stolen. It will also limit the ability of companies to profile you and sell this detailed picture of you to others.
In Europe also some USA States, it’s your legal right to decide how your information is being used and what for.

Negative online content hurting your reputation?
We Can Help.

What is digital footprint report?
The IFR report is a comprehensive, in-depth online searching tool that utilizes social networking sites which are virtual communities, to obtain pertinent and beneficial information regarding the claimant’s past, present, here and future activities, including photos, videos, employment, sports, written posts, hobbies, nightlife, vacation spots and more. This report can enhance any investigative effort and benefit the client, which may significantly impact the outcome of a claim.

Importance of considering your digital footprint and online reputation.

It is essential to understand the permanency of what is shared online and the potential audience today and in the future. What we post adds to our reputation and what our family and friends, our teachers, and our future employers think about us.
Digital life is both public and permanent. Something that happens on the spur of the moment, for example, a funny picture or an angry post, can be screenshotted and resurfaced years later.

What does the IFR online report include?

Privacy Meter;
Name, Alternative names;
Date of Birth;
Email history;
Telephone and telephone history;
Social profiles;
Related News;
Data Broker data;
Breach email data;
Leak Data;
USA court search;
Social media;
Address and history and images if available;
Data can be similar, and maybe not all fields are available.

Secret social media accounts of your partner? Tracking someone you lost many years ago?

People’s entire lives all over the world are recorded on social media on a daily basis; now, your online report by pressing here.

What does the IFR enhance report include?
The internet footprint report is the data left behind whenever you use a digital service. Each time you go online or use a digital service, you leave a trail of information behind you.

Everyone leaves a trace.
A complete analysis of the links, we provide you with the actual passwords or any other personal information, including your entire Identity stolen and in the public domain a complete Cyber Intelligence. It can consist of fake accounts and much more!

How long will the report be ready?
The report will take about three working days.

Can I ask for a same-day report, which is 24 hours?
Yes, with an additional cost

How to remove your digital footprint?
Deleting your digital footprint is not easy; after you find your digital footprint, from the activity you made online and the traces of information linked to you, and after we have your digital footprint, we can look at exactly what can be removed

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